Dead Island Definitive Edition Steam V1.1.2 Trainer + 13 By HOG

Game Version:v1.1.2
Trained by:iNvIcTUs oRCuS
Tested on:Win 10 x64

MD5 (gamedll_x64_rwdi.dll):E9D443BA6613A3183706569BA00DB842

[Num 0] – Unlimited Health
[Num 1] – Unlimited Stamina
[Num 2] – One Hit Kills
[Num 3] – Unlimited Ammo
[Num 4] – No Reload
[Num 5] – Best Weapon Condition
[Num 6] – Instant Fury
[Num 7] – Unlimited Flashlight
[Num 8] – Instant Level Up
[Num 9] – Add 100.000 Money
[Num /] – Set Skillpoints to 99
[Num *] – Unlimited Items
[Num -] – 100 Units of an Item

Num 2 – One Hit Kills
Cheat is working when you hit the enemys with weapons or simply with your hands.

Num 6 – Instant Fury
Kill one enemy and get max angry.

Num 8 – Instant Level Up
When you activate this option you will instantly level up your character.

Num 9 – +100.000 Money
When you open the inventory 100.000 units will be added to your current ammount of money.

Num / (Divide) – Set Skillpoints to 99
First. When you used other (different) trainers before then its possible that this cheat will not work as expected. When you activate this option your maximum amount of points will be set to 99 units. When you already upgradeted some skills this value will be subtracted from the max value. Example. When you spent already 5 points for upgrades then the game will show the value 94.

Num * (Multiply) – Unlimited Items
You need at least 2 units of an item. This cheat works for inventory items and grenades or molotov cocktails as well.

Num – (Subtract) – Get 100 Units of an Item
Use this option only at your inventory. Use it by this way. Open your inventory, activate the option and on the item of your choice. You must activate this option everytime you want to modify an item.

Dead Island Definitive Edition Trainer Plus 13 By HOG


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