Just Cause 3 Steam V20161020 & V201701 Trainer + 24 By LinGon – Update

– Game Version Specific’s: Just Cause 3 – The bonus Edition – steam v-Update/Patch 27 July 2016
– Game Version Specific’s: Just Cause 3 – The bonus Edition – steam v-Update/Patch Jan 2017
– OS Supported: WIN 7/8/10 Support

Note: Start The Trainer First,Next The Game.

[HOME] – Trainer Activation

[F1] – Infinite Health
[F2] – Infinite Oxygen
[F3] – Infinite Ammo
[F4] – No Reload/ Explosives
[F5] – Super Accuracy
[F6] – No Recoil
[F7] – Rapid Fire
[F8] – Super Grapple
[F9] – Infinite Grapple Wires
[F10] – Infinite vehicle Health
[F11] – Enable Flying More – XBOX 360 Controller Needed
-Right Shoulder Pad – Increase Speed & Altitude
-Right Shoulder Pad + X – Decrease Altitude

[Numpad 0] – Freeze Challenge Timers
[Numpad 1] – Unlock All Gear Mods
[Numpad 2] – Rosa’s Plane Protection
[Numpad 3] – Infinite Wingsuit Boost

[Ctrl] + B – Force Beacons
[End] – One Hit Kill
[Delete] – Zero Heat Level
[Insert] – Alter Time Of Day
[Page Up] – Speed Up
[Page Down] – Bullet Time/Slowmotion

[Number 8] – Store Location
[Number 9] – Teleport
[Number 0] – Undo teleportation

Game Version Specific’s: Just Cause 3 – The bonus Edition – steam v-Update/Patch 27 July 2016
OS Supported: WIN 7/8/10 Support
HOME Key – Trainer Activation HotKey!
F1 – Infinite Health
– Keeps you alive and well.

F2 – Infinite Oxygen
– Your oxygen wont run out.

F3 – Infinite Ammo
– Your ammo wont run out.

F4 – No Reload/ Explosives

F5 – Super Accuracy
– Increases your weapons accuracy.

F6 – No Recoil
– Reduces the recoil effect while shooting.

F7 – Rapid Fire
– Increases the rate of firing.

F8 – Super Grapple
– Increases the grapple hook range.

F9 – Infinite Grapple Wires
– Allows for many more wires to be set.

F10 – Infinite vehicle Health
– Keeps your vehicles safe from most damage.

IMPORTANT Before you use this option:
F11 – Enable Flying More – <<<<<< Important dont use in online mode for cheating!!! >>>>>>

>>>>> This option will register your airtime so i recomend to use it in offline mode and not overdo it if you suddenly see yourself gaining results in airtime to be fair <<<<<<

– Allows you to stay airborn much much longer.
– Note: This option requires that you are using an xbox 360 controller to work.
– Make sure one is connected and enable this option.
– to use the option, launch yourself into the air, into skydiving mode – next press the rightshoulder pad and notice your speed and altitude will increase while its pressed.
– to decrease your altitude & speed – press the rightshoulder pad + the X button at the same time to decrease and go down.
– For best usage use the increasing of altitude when needed only to keep yourself airborn and use the decreasing altitude option for when you want to go down quickly.
– use the thumpsticks to move around in the air, using the option takes some practice to get a hang off at first perhapse, but it should be straight forward.

Numpad 0 – Freeze Challenge Timers
– Frrezes the timers in challenges/races.

Numpad 1 – Unlock All Gear Mods
– Temporarely enables all gear mods in a click, though they wont keep the green light on.
they will be enabled while on, this might cause some side effect by not knowing exactly which has been enabled,try to remember which one you set to active and play with it back and forth,use with care and keep in mind its an alternate way only to bypass things needed for these to enable properly.
toggle off when not needed in this case.

Numpad 2 – Rosa’s Plane Protection
– During the mission with Rico and Rose, enable this to keep rose’s plane protected.

Numpad 3 – Infinite Wingsuit Boost
– Your boost engine will never run out

CTRL+B – Force Beacons
– Push this to force and enable the beacons needed to throw for rebel drop

End Key – One Hit Kill
– Lets you take out most in a single hit.

Delete Key – Zero Heat Level
– Your heat level will be at 0 all the time.

Insert key – Alter Time Of Day

Page Up Key – Speed Up
– Speeds up things

Page Down key – Bullet Time/Slowmotion
– Slows down things.

Number 8 – Store Location
Number 9 – Teleport
Number 0 – Undo teleportation

Just Cause 3 Trainer Plus 24 By LinGon


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