Watch Dogs 2 Uplay V1.06 – V1.09 X64 Trainer + 11 By LinGon – Update 6

Game Version Specific’s: Watch Dogs 2 – Uplay – x64 Bit Only

[HOME] – Active Trainer
[F1] – Infinite Health
[F2] – Infinite Energy
[F3] – Infinite Ammo
[F4] – No Reload

*Editor Options*
[F5] – Set Money
[F6] – Set Followers
[F7] – Set Research Points ( *Disabled in Update* )

[Numpad 4] – Alter Time Of Day
[Numpad 5] – Stealth
[Numpad 6] – Freeze Timers ( *New Option* )

[Number8] – Store Location
[Number9] – Teleport
[Number0] – Undo Teleportation

Watch Dogs 2 Trainer Plus 11 By LinGon

HOME Key – Trainer Activation HotKey!
F1 – Infinite Health
– Protects you from most damage you might take

F2 – Infinite Energy
– Sets max filled Energy

F3 – Infinite Ammo
– Gives you Ammo for your weapons

F4 – No Reload
– Removes the need to reload your weapons

F5 – Set Money
– Allowws you to set current amount

F6 – Set Followers
– Allows you to set current followers

F7 – Set Research Points (This option has been disabled for now, will be looked at when & if theres time.)
– Allows you edit the amount of research points you have

Numpad 4 – Alter Time Of Day
– Allows you to alter the time

Numpad 5 – Stealth
– Your less likely to be spoted

Numpad 6 – Freeze Timers
– Freezes some event timers

Number 8 – Store Location
Number 9 – Teleport
Number 0 – Undo Teleportation


4 thoughts on “Watch Dogs 2 Uplay V1.06 – V1.09 X64 Trainer + 11 By LinGon – Update 6

  1. Frax

    So Set Money doesnt work. It does show the money ingame, as soon as you try to buy something the money disappears for me and the car doesnt show up in Car on Demand.

  2. Edward

    it keeps on saying that its either insufficient storage even though I have 3 TB of storage
    and the it says it can’t find watch dogs exe so i put it in bin and game folder
    followed all the step so plz help!!


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